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Face serum and concentrates A⁴ COSMETICS

In cosmetics, a serum is a care product with a very high concentration of active ingredients. It usually has a gel-like consistency, absorbs quickly and reaches particularly deep skin layers. A⁴ COSMETICS offers you particularly highly effective serums for face, neck and décolleté with an immediate and long-term anti-aging effect. Find out more here!


What makes our concentrates and serums so special? We use highly effective and natural ingredients based on Argan research 2.0. Both the valuable and eco-certified Argan oil and the Argan stem cell extract, obtained from the Argan nut tree, are real anti-aging miracles. They activate the cell metabolism in the connective tissue, protect the skin cells and at the same time delay the skin aging process. The effects of the active ingredient cosmetics are already visible after a few weeks: more density, structure and moisture as well as significantly fewer wrinkles. And we deliberately avoid substances such as parabens, silicones, paraffins or hormonally effective chemicals.


Give your skin a youthfully fresh and firm appearance with the A⁴ Magic Elixir. The high-quality serum for the face helps you to achieve a deep rejuvenation of the skin. The A⁴ Face Serum is the ideal choice for a collagen kick. It accelerates the formation of new collagen through selected nutrients and effectively reduces wrinkles. With the A⁴ SOS Contour & Lifting Complex you give your skin visibly more elasticity and can provide first aid for demanding and sensitive skin. The A⁴ Night Watch Booster is an anti-wrinkle serum that achieves its full effect simply overnight thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients with the innovative Probiotic Technology Complex. Integrate the A⁴ COSMETICS concentrates and a serum into the daily care of your face and convince yourself!

ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM - for an immediate beauty effect

For your personal appearance on the red carpet: the A⁴ Red Carpet Concentrate! With this anti-wrinkle serum you get a high dosage special care, both with a long-term and astonishing immediate effect: The skin appears smoother, fresher and more radiant. Be the star of any party!