A⁴ Travel Kit

Travel set with care products in a mini format

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To ensure that your skin is perfectly cared for even on holiday, A4 Cosmetics offers a lovingly compiled travel set with care products in mini format. The set comes with a mosquito wristband and a practical travel checklist. Our Travel Kit includes a cleansing as well as face and eye care:

The A4 Face Wash Mousse is a gentle, refreshing cleansing foam for the face (50ml)

A4 Eye Delight Lifting Gel is a refreshing and firming eye gel for the sensitive eye area (5ml).

A4 Face Delight Moisturizer is a nourishing and vitalising moisturising booster for the face (15ml).

A4 SOS Contour & Lifting Complex is a firming serum that is also suitable for sensitive skin (3ml)

With a filling quantity of less than 100ml each, the care products are ideal for hand luggage!

  • Application
  • Main ingredients
  • Skin tolerance
  • Face Wash Mousse: Massieren Sie die A⁴ Face Wash Mousse morgens und abends mit der Hand in die feuchte Haut ein und spülen Sie dann den Reinigungsschaum gründlich ab.

    Das A4 Eye Delight Lifting Gel sollten Sie morgens und abends auf die gesamte Augenpartie auftragen und sanft einklopfen.

    Tragen Sie den A⁴ Face Delight Moisturizer morgens und abends auf das gereinigte Gesicht und den Hals auf.

  • The care products of the A⁴ Travel Kit contain selected active ingredients on a natural basis.

    A detailed overview of all ingredients can be found here.

  • The A⁴ Travel Kit is suitable for all skin types.

    We avoid:

    paraffin waxes
    Formaldehyde separator

    Cosmetic analysis has rated the ingredients of A⁴ Travel Kit with the quality seals "very good" and "good".

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