A⁴ BLUE DUST TONIC SPRAY (5492296024226)
A⁴ BLUE DUST TONIC SPRAY (5492296024226)
A⁴ BLUE DUST TONIC SPRAY (5492296024226)
A⁴ BLUE DUST TONIC SPRAY (5492296024226)

A4 Blue Dust Tonic Spray

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Protective and caring facial spray | Anti UV & Digital Pollution

51,00 €   | 50ml

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· basic price (ml): 102,00 € pro 100ml
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A⁴ BLUE DUST TONIC SPRAY (5492296024226)
A⁴ BLUE DUST TONIC SPRAY (5492296024226)
A⁴ BLUE DUST TONIC SPRAY (5492296024226)
A⁴ BLUE DUST TONIC SPRAY (5492296024226)

The ultra-fine tonic spray with 100% vegetable cranberry stem cells and extra moisture provides 3-fold skin protection against digital blue light emitted by mobile devices and screens, against oxidative stress caused by UVA/B radiation and IR-A light (infra-red). It helps neutralise free radicals and increases the skin's resistance to urban pollution and toxins - for a more youthful and even complexion in the long term. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Application
  • Main ingredients
  • Skin tolerance
  • Can be sprayed over any care product or in between on the face, neck and décolleté. Can also be used as after-sun. Eyes should be closed.hold. For best results use after A4 Day Watch cream.

  • A4 Blue Dust Tonic Spray owes its protective and nurturing effect to a clever combination of natural ingredients:
    100% plant stem cells from the cranberry (rich in polyphenols) and argan leaf cell extract help to neutralise free radicals while strengthening the skin's natural defences. Cranberry stem cells offer 3-fold protection against oxidative stress caused by UVA / UVB radiation, blue light / HEV light (emitted by mobile devices and monitors) and IR-A radiation. The skin appears smoother and firmer. Rose flower water (Damask rose) and Swiss deep spring water harmonise and contribute to a fresh skin appearance. Long-chained hyaluronic acid and the desert plant Aloe Vera contribute to moisturising the skin and making it appear plumper. Dermatologically tested.

  • The A4 Blue Dust Tonic Spray is suitable for all skin types.

      We avoid:

    • SLES/SLS
    • Vaseline
    • Parabens
    • formaldehyde separator

    Cosmeticanalysis.com has evaluated the ingredients of A⁴ Blue Dust with the quality label "very good".

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