Wrinkles - probably the clearest sign of skin aging. Only visible as fine lines, they often take the form of deep furrows in old age. The whole body can be marked by them. Facial wrinkles are particularly visible, but also wrinkles on the neck, décolleté and hands. Find out here how wrinkles develop and how you can effectively prevent them.

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The secret of wrinkle-free skin: A4 skin expertise

There are countless tips and products on the subject of anti-aging. But what really helps mature skin? And are there foods with an anti-aging effect? We will enlighten you!

Check out your skin type

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To be able to care for your skin properly, you should know your individual skin type. We can help you with this!


The formation of wrinkles is a completely natural process of the human body and sooner or later it affects each of us. The greatest change due to skin aging is experienced by the dermis, which provides the skin with elasticity and resilience through collagen peptides and elastin. With every year of life, however, the production of these components of the dermis slows down. In addition, the skin loses volume, as the fat and water content in the subcutaneous layer is reduced. On top of this, gravity and facial expressions increase the formation of wrinkles.

Furthermore, external influences accelerate the formation of facial wrinkles. UV radiation in particular damages the skin, but also an unhealthy lifestyle (nicotine, alcohol, stress, low-nutrient nutrition) or incorrect care promote the formation of wrinkles.

Preventing skin ageing effectively

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We show you how you can give mature skin a glowing appearance with simple tips - without any cosmetic intervention!


Unfortunately, the formation of wrinkles cannot be completely avoided. The good news, however, is that many methods work against it in a profound way. Apart from extensive sunbathing, you should avoid the following in particular:

  • Alcohol
  • nicotine
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Stress

But that's not all: you can also help your skin to a firmer and more youthful complexion from within. For example, a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients has a positive effect on the skin's appearance. The A4 Well Food Concept shows you, in addition to simple nutritional tips, which foods you should rather avoid and which ones particularly support your skin type.

Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the formation of facial wrinkles with the right care. A4 COSMETICS' luxurious active ingredient cosmetics are the ideal choice, as they provide maturing skin with exactly the micronutrients it needs. The innovative nutricosmetic A4 IMPULSE® also contains the unique A4 Cera Peptide Beauty Complex®, consisting of collagen peptides and ceramides. Both substances are transported into the dermis and are effective against wrinkles.