Beautiful and firm skin until old age - that is probably what everyone wants. But in reality, unfortunately, things often look different. The first wrinkles can already become noticeable from the age of 25. So it's no wonder that most of us have already come into contact with the subject of anti-aging. But what really helps mature skin? We will enlighten you!

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Information about wrinkle formation and preventive measures

Probably the most visible sign of skin aging - wrinkles. But how do they develop and can facial wrinkles & Co. be prevented? Learn more about it here!

Skin aging: what you have to know about it

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What happens in the skin as we grow older? And why are collagen peptides important for smooth skin?


It is important that the skin is supplied with nutrients that actually counteract the formation of wrinkles. The luxurious anti-aging products of A4 COSMETICS and A4 NUTRICOSMETICS supply the skin with high-quality and natural ingredients and active substances from both inside and outside. For a profound rejuvenation of your complexion, our Skin Care products use, among other things, argan stem cell extract and eco-certified argan oil - the anti-aging miracle par excellence! It stimulates the cell metabolism, tightens the connective tissue and thus visibly reduces wrinkles. Learn more about the effectiveness of our products and get to know our innovative nutricosmetic A4 IMPULSE®! With its unique combination of collagen peptides and ceramides, it provides an anti-aging effect that is quite impressive.