Your skin quickly tends to irritate with spicy food, very hot or cold temperatures and new cosmetic products? With the A⁴ COSMETICS products you can provide sensitive skin with particularly high-quality care. In addition to the right care, nutrition also has an influence on the appearance of the skin. Read more about the right way to treat sensitive skin here.

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Experts tell you the secret of beautiful skin

The right skin care and anti-aging are important topics today. Here you will find interesting tips and tricks for beautiful skin and a radiant appearance. Learn more about do-it-yourself exercises and Co.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Well Food can improve the skin appearance

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The right diet can help to tighten the skin. Get to know food for a beautiful skin.


Typical signs of sensitive skin are redness, swelling or inflammation. The skin is often rough, especially in winter. While these features are externally visible, other symptoms are more subjective. These include a frequent feeling of tension, burning, stinging or itching.

In addition, people with sensitive skin tend to have rashes or skin diseases such as rosacea or couperose. Rosacea mainly manifests itself in red spots and small pustules on the cheeks. In couperose, fine veins shimmer through the skin.

How nutrition affects the skin

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Proteins, fats and carbohydrates all contribute to the texture of our skin. What should you keep in mind when it comes to beauty from within?


Sensitive skin can has many different causes. The nerves in the skin, which transmit signals such as itching to the brain, are often particularly sensitive. However, redness and other irritations are often due to a disturbed skin protective barrier. In this case, the skin does not retain sufficient moisture and becomes dry and rough.

In addition, sensitive skin is more susceptible to the following factors:

  • hormonal changes (stress or pregnancy)
  • Perfumes or dyestuffs in cosmetic products
  • Lack of fluids (excessive sweating, drinking too little)
  • Temperature fluctuations (very cold weather, heating air, air conditioning, sauna)
  • medicines (e.g. water-washing medicines such as diuretics)

But nutrition also has a decisive influence on the appearance of the skin. For example, sensitive skin can react to certain foods such as coffee, black tea, alcohol or hot spices.

If you have this skin type, you should therefore eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, such as carrots or kiwis. Vitamins and plant substances such as bioflavonoids support various body functions that also have a positive effect on the skin.


Sensitive skin must be treated with care. However, many cleansing and care products contain substances such as alcohol that can irritate the skin. For this reason A⁴ COSMETICS deliberately avoids paraffins, parabens, silicones or hormonally active ingredients and instead uses completely natural ingredients such as avocado or argan oil.

Argan oil - the heart of all A⁴ COMETICS products - has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, which can reduce itching. But the other care substances have also been carefully selected. They strengthen the skin's protective barrier and provide soothing moisture.

There are also creams for sensitive skin in the wide product range of A⁴ COSMETICS:

  • A⁴ Face Cream: In addition to avocado and argan oil, it also contains ingredients and active agents from papaya and millet, which promote skin regeneration. Hyaluronic acid and components from brown algae provide sufficient moisture - down to the deeper layers of the skin.
  • A⁴ Golden Face Oil: The face oil with argan and baobab oil as well as sea fennel, orchid and kigelia extracts also increases the water content of the skin and is ideal for the rich care of sensitive skin.
  • A⁴ Face Delight Moisturizer: The delicate emulsion provides intensive moisture and gives sensitive skin a fresh, smooth appearance.
  • A⁴ Night Watch: The anti-aging cream supports the repair processes of sensitive skin overnight.
  • A⁴ Flash Delight Mask: Do something good for your skin with this moisturizing mask based on effective plant and anti-aging ingredients.

Additional tip: If you simply want to spoil your skin in between, the face spray A⁴ Rose Dust Tonic Spray is the ideal choice. A short spray is enough to harmonise and revitalise the skin!