What's important to us

A sustainable use of resources


For each sold A⁴ Red Carpet Eye Cream we give 1€ to the Shea Butter Cooperative in Ghana.

The project aims to provide a source of income for women of remote "bush villages" through work that has been rooted in their traditions for centuries.

The organisation's objective

  1. Securing the shea tree population in this region.
  2. A long-term, consultative cooperation with the women's group.
  3. Improvement of the income situation.
  4. Payment of a fair purchase price.
  5. Development of a complete shea butter value chain, e.g. production of shea soaps, etc.
  6. Development of a savings culture within the women's organisation, which will allow medium-term investments (spare parts, renovation or extension buildings, social facilities) to be realised.
  7. Channelling of donations into meaningful investments.


In order to support the Moroccan argan oil cooperative, from which we obtain the eco-certified argan oil, we donate 50 cents for each sold A⁴ Kiss & Help Lip Balm to the women's cooperative.

With this donation we support the financing of fast-breaking as well as medicine and toys for the children.

The organisation's objective

  1. Educational programmes for the local population with the aim of preserving their traditional heritage and the environment.
  2. Implementation of a literacy programme for the women organised in the cooperatives and their children.
  3. Income generation for the members of the women's cooperatives and raising their social status.
  4. Protection of the argan forest and mediation of sustainable harvesting methods in order not to endanger the population. The harvesting and extraction of the resource argan tree follows strict guidelines. The leaves are collected according to an agreement with the Moroccan water and forestry authorities.
  5. Participation of women in the reforestation of the argan forest: A visible result of the various educational measures on environmentally friendly agriculture and the implementation of reforestation guidelines is the fact that the reforestation area almost doubled between 2004 and 2007: from 540 to over 850 hectares. This success was achieved through the joint efforts of various stakeholders in the Argan sector.
  6. Environmentally conscious processes: The supply chain ensures that the biomass argan tree is cultivated and harvested without the use of chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers.
  7. Support and advice on the traditional production of argan oil and its marketing.
  8. Fair payment: The pricing policy towards the cooperatives is designed in such a way that the monetary profits are shared, the payment policy follows the guidelines for fair trade. The price paid to local producers is at least equal to the market price and is not negotiated.