It all started with a few recipe books. When Eva Steinmeyer found a collection of her grandmother's recipes, she soon developed the basis for her current business. With A⁴ HEALTH AND BEAUTY, she created a system consisting of several columns that picks up users exactly where they need help and offers them many valuable tips in addition to comprehensive and effective care. Because one was clear to the A⁴ founder from the beginning: Beauty not only comes from the outside - but also from the inside. Learn more about the unique company and its founder.

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The skin care products of A⁴ COSMETICS are the basis of A⁴ HEALTH AND BEAUTY. With high-quality ingredients and active ingredients, they optimally care for the skin - but what exactly does that mean?

Everything started with Grandmother's RECIPES

Eva Steinmeyer's grandmother was already on the track of the secret of youthful beauty and well-groomed skin: In the 1960s, she created an extensive collection of recipes, letters and information about herbal medicine and the production of creams. Decades later, her granddaughter Eva held this forgotten collection in her hands and discovered a recipe for the so-called "avocado cream". Between the pages: a photo of her with the handwritten note "Eva - sensitive skin".

Eva Steinmeyer understood this find as a hint of fate. Why? At that time, she had been suffering for years from dry, sensitive skin, which resisted all products and attempts at care. So the idea of developing cosmetics with natural ingredients and active ingredients on the basis of the rediscovered treasure of recipes quickly matured in her.

After various test runs with friends and relatives, however, it quickly became clear that the demands placed on the texture, fragrance and ingredients of skin care products had evolved since grandmother's time - the original recipe was no longer up to date. A modernization was necessary: Together with a chemist from a cosmetics laboratory near Munich, Eva Steinmeyer developed the first products of today's A⁴ HEALTH AND BEAUTY range.

And not only that: In addition to the ideal care of stressed skin, the founder also dealt with other ways and means that contribute to the beauty and vitality of the skin. This is how the four pillars were created that still support the company today:

  • Skin Care: highly effective products that incorporate traditional knowledge as well as the latest scientific discoveries - for external beauty.
  • Well Food: the right nutrition as an integral part of the beauty ritual - because true beauty also comes from within, for example thanks to a wide variety of vitamins.
  • Face Yoga: Exercises that activate the facial musculature and in this way can tighten and smooth the skin.
  • Power Emotions Blog: Articles on products, ingredients and active ingredients as well as on current topics

Further details about the foundation and history of the company can also be found here.


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A⁴ HEALTH AND BEAUTY combines tradition and modernity not only in the development and optimization of its high-quality active ingredient cosmetics, but also in the handling of natural resources: sustainability is important at A⁴.

For example, the company cooperates with a recognised women's network in Morocco within the framework of the Fair Trade trading system. The valuable Arganöl, which forms the heart of many A4 products, comes exclusively from this co-operation.

The pure and eco-certified Arganöl in A⁴ Cosmetics products is a true multi-talent: It can not only brake skin aging and activate cell renewal, it also provides intensive moisture and protects cells - inflammations are alleviated naturally and effectively.

This combination of sustainability and effectiveness is well received by both customers and the press.