Well Food - healthy foods for beautiful skin are an important part of the holistic A⁴ COSMETICS concept. Because firm skin is also possible through proper nutrition. Here you can learn everything about Well Food for a beautiful skin and about our advisor "Schön Essen - THE RIGHT CARE OF THE SKIN FROM THE OUTSIDE & INSIDE".

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The A⁴ beauty concept for a beautiful skin from inside and outside

The products from A⁴ COSMETICS and A⁴ NUTRICOSMETICS supply your individual skin type with important micronutrients and convince with an immediate and long-term anti-aging effect.


"Your food is your medicine" [Hippocrates]

In every culture, beauty and an attractive appearance are linked with a clean, smooth skin. The desire to preserve it into old age is as old as human history. Cleopatra already bathed in donkey's milk to preserve her complexion.

The skin is the contact organ to the environment par excellence, nowhere does the aging process become more visible than on the skin. In the last few decades the processes of skin ageing have been systematically investigated. Even if signs of aging are basically the same on the skin, there are enormous ranges of skin ageing in particular, covering more than a decade. Think of the last class reunion: While some classmates still "look like before", others are not recognizable.

Even if there are factors such as genetic characteristics that cannot be changed, it is above all environmental conditions that determine how quickly signs of aging appear on the skin.

So take your appearance into your own hands! By selecting the right food for a beautiful skin, it is constantly supplied with valuable nutrients. In this way, age-related processes such as the breakdown of collagen fibres can be slowed down significantly.

The good news is here: A healthy diet not only supports beautiful skin from the inside, but can also protect against diseases of the cardiovascular system or diabetes. And on top of that, it helps to maintain a normal body weight.

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Simple beauty recipes for beautiful skin

With the healthy and delicious recipes from A⁴ Well Food - tailored to your skin type - you can eat well.


Nutrition has a clear influence on the appearance of our skin - after all, it is closely linked to the body's metabolism. The Well Food concept uses important nutrients to help create a beautiful skin from the inside and supports cell metabolism. Thus the cells get everything they need for constant renewal and the skin is strengthened in its natural protective functions.

You can find more information about Well Food and easy to implement tips and recipes as well as healthy food for beautiful skin in the book "SCHÖN ESSEN - DIE RICHTIGE HAUTPFLEGE VON AUSSEN & INNEN". Get to know the book and read some excerpts from it.

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Numerous studies on the subject of anti-aging confirm that the appearance of the skin can be decisively influenced by lifestyle. Even healthy foods are often the foundation for a beautiful skin. Although skin ageing is partly determined by genetics, various environmental influences also play a decisive role. Free radicals, for example, have a negative effect on the appearance of the skin. These can, for example, be caused by

  • a wrong diet,
  • less sleep,
  • UV rays,
  • smoking or
  • exhaust gases

arise. Avoiding the formation of free radicals or supporting the body in its defence against free radicals is therefore a highly effective anti-aging method. Our Well Food also makes use of this strategy and can help to tighten the skin through a healthy diet. In addition, some foods support your skin type positively. For example, the avocado has a moisture-preserving effect and can help with dry skin.

Skin & Nutrition
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How does nutrition affect the skin?

A healthy and vitamin-rich diet can visibly improve your skin. But what foods can help?


Give your body new impulses for a beautiful skin from the inside. A⁴ IMPULSE® is a very special nutricosmetic based on the specially developed A⁴ Cera Peptide Beauty Complex®. The practical drinking ampoules complete the Well Food concept and ensure beautiful skin from the inside - the ideal supplement to a firm skin through nutrition.

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