For this reason, we have created a care concept that consists of the four elements of natural beauty and is easy to use in everyday life. A combination of care, nutrition, power and face yoga helps you to maintain a radiant complexion in a natural way.

A4 Skin Care is the first pillar and also the centre of the concept: A care product tailored to the different needs of skin types. For a holistic programme, the A4 system also relies on care from the inside out and therefore includes the following supplementary pillars:

A4 Face Yoga for trained muscles in the face.

A4 Well Food for the supply of the skin with important nutrients.

A4 Power Emotions for a charisma that convinces.

The concept of four pillars is an all-round carefree package for your skin and brings freshness and vitality into your life - from inside and outside. A further plus point: the beauty programme supports your skin without artificial help.

THE A4 COSMETICS SYSTEM: NATURAL BEAUTY from the outside and from within.

THE A4 COSMETICS SYSTEM: NATURAL BEAUTY from the outside and from within

The holistic beauty program of A4 COSMETICS offers you an effective anti-aging and moisturizing care:


Do your skin a favour. The foundation of true beauty is the right care, so that you look after, nourish and protect your particular skin type.

Give your skin the care it deserves
Mit A⁴ COSMETICS die Haut verwöhnen.
A⁴ SYSTEM: mit FACE YOGA zu straffer Haut.


Your face has 26 muscles. They need to be trained, and massaged, to keep facial expressions supple and smooth and to keep your skin taut. We demonstrate these exercises for muscle building and stretching.

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Eat yourself beautiful! A healthy and sensible diet can have a positive influence on the appearance of your skin. We offer you tips about which foods promote a radiant complexion, solve skin problems, and slow down the formation of wrinkles. As well our dietary supplement A4 IMPULSE® contains valuable ingredients that sustainably improves the skin's appearance.

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WELL FOOD & A⁴ NUTRICOSMETICS: Durch Ernährung von innen etwas für die Schönheit tun!
A⁴ COSMETICS Blog: Schönheit kommt von innen.


A person’s true beauty shines from the inside out. We will help you take your health and personal happiness into your own hands. Read our blog on our website and benefit from positive thoughts and inspiration.

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